PDF Protector Splitter and Merger

PDF Protector Splitter and Merger

Versatile document editing tool to split, merge, and encrypt PDF files
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PDF Protector Splitter and Merger performs three main PDF-related functions – it can encrypt and add both user and owner passwords to an unprotected PDF document, and it is capable of both cutting and joining existing PDF files according to various criteria. Its batch capabilities allow you to perform any or all of these functions in a large number of files all in one go.

This versatile software tool allows you to apply basic restrictions to unprotected PDF files while locking them down them using 128-bit encryption technology. You can add to your documents either or both of the above-mentioned passwords, and decide if the person who opens the document can print it, add annotations to it, extract content from it, modify it in any way, etc.

The merging function is a simple and straightforward task – just select the files you want to merge, put them in the right order, and save the new file in the folder of your choice. Splitting PDF files, though, requires you to make a few choices. You can tell the program to split all pages, only the odd or the even pages, or a specific range of pages (in this last case, you can also opt to delete them).

The trial version of the software used for this review is in fact a demo of the Pro version of this product. For reasons beyond me, the executable provided by AlgoLogic for both trials is exactly the same, even though they are distributed in two different ZIP files. This gives us the opportunity to talk briefly about some features that are exclusive to the Pro version. Thus, when checking this trial you will find an image extraction tab and a text extraction tab. The first will allow you to extract whatever images are included in the PDF document and save them separately – in the image format of your choice – for further use. The second Pro feature will detect any text present in an image-based PDF document and will save it as a text file for you.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes image and text extraction utilities.
  • All functions allow for batch processing.
  • Supports protected PDF files.
  • Well-structured tabbed interface.
  • Supports 128-bit encryption


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